Compact Unified Data Governance

Automated solutions for the most important data components of complex enterprises.

Webinar: Learn to Build Powerful Data Lineage to Reduce Costs, Increase Efficiency, and Improve Risk Management

How to automate data lineage and turn it into a powerful working asset in your organization!

A Data Lineage deep dive with an industry leading expert who will provide practical steps about how to optimize your data lineage projects and leverage it to:

  1. Reduce costs
  2. increase Efficiency
  3. Improve risk management.

Join us a gain the following advantages:

  • Learn steps to scope and build a data lineage project
  • Gain practical insights into how to assess your data lineage needs, build lineage, and launch a new data lineage project inside your own organization
  • Listen to lessons-learned from actual data lineage projects, including critical dos and don’ts from Fortune 500 Financial, Insurance, Government and Retail organizations
  • See practical demonstrations on how to build lineage that you can actually use inside of your organization

New Data Lineage Power Tools

MetaDex Spotlight

Offers advanced lineage analytics straight out of your data catalog. Go beyond the capabilities of your data catalog to view lineage history; use the power of AI to abstract dense lineage into understandable graphs and more.

MetaDex Injector

Offers a very easy and intuitive way to import metadata into your data catalog with no coding and minimal configuration.

MetaDex Aggregator

Offers a game changing capability for automating massive data lineage analysis. Move beyond the limitations of your data catalog to handle massive lineage volumes.

Who We Are

We are the most skilled Data Governance experts offering automated solutions for the critical components of data governance in complex enterprises. Our solutions help organizations worldwide meet regulatory compliance requirements such as BCBS239, CCAR, GDPR, and more.

Our Solutions

Data Lineage

Achieve rapid regulatory compliance with Compact’s industry leading MetaDex™. True end-to-end data lineage, automated, at your finger tips.

Data Quality

Dramatically improves data quality using TestDrive – a testing automation tool specifically designed for data intensive applications.

Data Tracking

Achieve GDPR compliance by easily tracking data records related to an individual or entity throughout the enterprise using Compact’s Rektrack™.

Impact Analysis

Visualize the impact of changing any data object or application on all other downstream objects and applications using Compact’s MetaDex™.

MetaDex Integrations

We integrate with dozens of technologies ranging from Mainframes and SQL databases to ETL tools and Big Data technologies.

Enabling Complex Enterprises to Drive Results

Can you trust the data your IT department delivers?

How do you deal with your data strategy, marketing strategy, and other decisions that require data? Do you understand how many numbers are calculated through your complete environment?

  • Where did they come from?
  • How were they calculated?
  • Are they up to date and reliable?
  • Who is responsible for those values?
  • Is the process of data integration transparent and traceable?


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