CHICAGO Dec 5, 2018 – Compact Solutions, the Unified Data Governance company, today announced a reseller agreement with enterpriseIT, New Zealand’s leading data services provider. Under this reseller agreement, enterpriseIT will begin selling MetaDex™, Compact Solution’s data lineage product, to enterprises seeking to make data lineage more efficient in the Australia/New Zealand market, beginning in December.

As the first step, Compact Solutions and enterpriseIT are planning to provide the next-generation MetaDex solution to Australia and New Zealand as part of a broader strategic deployment into the Asia Pacific market. MetaDex enables data lineage providing instant access to complete, accurate and centralized metadata. MetaDex allows Users to view end-to-end lineage and investigate data quality issues, understand relationships between business terminology and data assets, perform impact analysis on data and track vulnerability and critical data flow.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide MetaDex to customers who need to provide data lineage as part of their compliance requirements, as well as to provide end-to-end data lineage to investigate data quality issues in the business,” said Devin Deen, Director of Data & Analytics. “We are confident that the efficient data lineage available with MetaDex can streamline operations and speed service development, greatly contributing to customer businesses.”

“There is a lot of synergy in our partnership with enterpriseIT and we’re thrilled to offer a joint solution,” said Pankaj Agrawal CEO at Compact Solutions. “We believe the combination of enterpriseIT’s services and our Data Governance solutions, we will help enterpriseIT’s customers with enhanced data lineage capabilities, allowing more companies in Australia and New Zealand to transform their data governance programs.”


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