This Top 200 global bank completed a thorough review of its credit risk reporting capabilities and determined it was important for them to improve their data lineage capabilities across the organization.

Tasked with the responsibility to address the new requirements, the technology group needed a more complete view of their data lineage. One of the most important and biggest challenges they faced was capturing data lineage out of SAS.   After an initial analysis, the Data Team identified the task of building their own solution to capture detailed data lineage from SAS as very daunting. Working through Compact Solutions’ local partner, the company became aware of MetaDex and its SAS lineage extractor, as well as Compact’s Teradata and Oracle extractors to capture procedures embedded within the SAS code. After completing a Proof of Concept and meeting the requirements of a comprehensive onboarding process, the company acquired Metadex to populate complete SAS data lineage into its data catalog.

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