Data Lineage Power Tools

Move Beyond Lineage to Achieve Deep Data Governance

These power tools help organizations attain greater returns out of their data catalog investments, and can work independently or enhance their capstone product, MetaDex, which allows users to view end-to-end lineage and investigate data quality issues, understand relationships between business terminology and data assets, perform impact analysis on data and track vulnerability and critical data flow.

MetaDex Spotlight

MetaDex Spotlight offers advanced lineage analytics straight out of your data catalog. Use Spotlight to view how your data lineage has changed over time (lineage history and versioning) and to generate detailed data mapping from source to intermediate assets to final destination. For extremely large and complex data lineage, use Spotlight’s machine learning based lineage exploration capability to interactively investigate lineage consisting of tens of thousands of objects. Graphically zoom in and out of complex lineage to make better sense of your data management assets.

Supported Catalogs: IBM IGC, Informatica EDC


MetaDex Injector

MetaDex Injector offers a very easy and intuitive way to import metadata into your data catalog with no coding and minimal configuration. With this MetaDex Injector, you can point your existing Excel spreadsheet or other databases, fill in a few parameters about how you want to represent the information and instantly see it in your data catalog. 

Supported Catalogs:  IBM IGC, Informatica EDC support coming in December, 2019.


MetaDex Aggregator

Aggregator offers a game changing capability for massive data lineage analysis. MetaDex Aggregator enables automatic aggregation of complex data lineage transformations before loading the lineage into your data catalog. Avoid overloading your data catalog with details not frequently needed, yet have access to it on demand. This machine learning based capability makes data lineage in the data catalog simple and easy to understand, while still keeping the detailed information available for the more technical users.

Supported Catalogs: IBM IGC and Informatica EDC both available in December, 2019.


Can you trust the data your IT department delivers?

How many different data integration and processing systems does your IT department rely on?

Your data strategy, marketing strategy, and even product strategy depends on that answer.

Do you understand how those numbers are calculated across your complete environment?

  • Where did they come from?
  • How were they calculated?
  • Are they up to date and reliable?
  • Who is responsible for those values?
  • Is the process of data integration transparent and traceable?


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