Rektrack ™

Comply with GDPR regulations by automating and centralizing your tracking processes.

Data Lineage at the Record Level

Rektrack tracks on the level of data and metadata analytics.

Automatic Intelligent Data Record Lookup

Rektrack uses metadata processing and data querying techniques to automatically scan a wide range of possible supported data storage methods. Regardless of your storage methods, either relational databases, files of various formats, or big data, the records related to what you are looking for can be automatically identified.

Advanced Security

Specify clearly the data access rules for your operational teams.

Ad Hoc & Predefined Analytics

Answer one of kind questions about data records or solve the question “where is my data stored,” each time it is asked.

Build on Your Existing Investment

It fully integrates into your information catalog and uses it as a source of technical and business metadata.

Key Benefits of Rektrack™

  • Saves you time when searching for particular data records flowing through the enterprise
  • Automatically utilizes data lineage information available in the metadata repository
  • Automatically scans in various technologies (databases, files, big data)
  • Designed for scalability and enterprise deployment requirements


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