ETL Development

ETL Strategy, Development, and Delivery Services & Support

Compact Solutions was founded as a company that focused on ETL solutions delivering ETL development services.

Companies worldwide turn to Compact Solutions to help them integrate, implement, and deploy powerful and sophisticated applications. Our training and experience has provided us with the deepest deep skills available in all aspects of ETL Development. The quality of our work has been recognized equally by clients and Solution Vendors aike.

We offer a variety of ETL Development services

Whether you are looking to integrate applications that need to share data, maintain data in a data warehouse, create a batch system to process large volumes of transactional data, or perform analytics on large datasets through batch processing, Compact Solutions has the experience to help you define and implement your solution.

Real-time systems that analyze real-time data flows for fraud detection, perform real-time transaction processing or support mission critical operational processes can provide the fast processing that can’t wait for a batch cycle. Compact Solutions staff have delivered multiple continuous flows applications in production around the world. We have the experience to help you size your solution as well as build a system that meets your real-time needs.

Metadata Management can be a powerful repository for not only your application source, but also much of the application metadata to support production implementations. When implemented properly metadata can provide insight into data lineage, data quality, production run results, application standards compliance and dataset integration. We have experience customizing Metadata Management tools to your needs as well as helping you to adopt best practices to keep your solution running smoothly.

In addition, our work is supported by built-in mentoring and knowledge transfer.

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