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Our solutions enable complex enterprises to achieve simplified and automated data governance by addressing all the critical aspects of data and metadata integration to enable regulatory compliance through data lineage, data quality, impact analysis, data privacy, and data tracking.

Data Lineage

End-to-end visibility of data flow through the enterprise allows businesses to see where data originates, and the path it follows.  As organizations grow more complex and siloed, true data lineage becomes more difficult and imperative.

Automatically access every transformation that has occurred to your data throughout your enterprise.

MetaDex is the most granular data lineage solution available in the market.

Data Quality

With the growing complexity of data integration projects, thorough and agile testing is more important than ever. While data sources grow, businesses are relying upon accurate and quality data to drive business decisions. Businesses need a trustworthy data quality framework for automated testing of data processing applications.

Improve quality, reduce testing overhead, and increase the value of every single test.

TestDrive is the industry’s first complete solution for automated testing of all types of batch applications.

Data Tracking

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will require companies to face new challenges in managing, reporting, and using personal data. You can easily track data records related to one individual or entity throughout the enterprise.

Comply with GDPR regulations by automating and centralizing your tracking processes.

Rektrack not only identifies where personal data may exist, but also how and where it spreads throughout internal and external systems, and if that data exists for a specific person.

Impact Analysis

Changes in data architecture and data processing happen frequently in enterprise organizations. Manually determining the impact of these changes on downstream applications and structures is very time consuming.

Imagine the cost involved of not determining and planning for changes in complex data environments consisting of interconnected structures and applications – especially in a big data world!

Save valuable time and money by planning in advance for such changes.

Using MetaDex, You can instantly identify the impact of changing any data object or application on all downstream objects or applications.

Work with Problem Solvers You Can Trust

We’ve spent 15 years developing and improving our lineage solutions and services so they impact your business decisions everyday.

We save you both time and money by identifying where the data in your reports originates and systems where poor quality data exists.


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