Data Lineage

Ability to accurately track the data source and all the applied transformations is one of the key aspects of every data governance initiative. Compact Solutions offers innovative solutions for tracking detailed, column level data lineage in complex and heterogeneous environments, regardless of the metadata repository of your choice.

Testing Automation

Data processing jobs, like any other piece of code, require testing for validation and verification purposes. Traditionally testing ETL or ELT processes has been a painful, manual process. With our innovative testing automation solution you can make your quality process an investment instead of a cost.

Big Data

Have you already started your Big Data journey, or are you planning it for now? Regardless of maturity of you Big Data initiative, you will need appropriate tooling that will not only allow you to acquire and process the data.

ETL Migration

Professional experience combined with automated tools to increase the quality, and decrease the time and risk related to migrating between ETL suites.