Data Lineage

Data Lineage and Governance

Can you trust your data and data lineage?
MetaDex will help you build a map of your internal applications showing where data comes from, what applications utilise it, and where it goes.

MetaDex is a metadata integration platform which extends built-in capabilities of metadata repositories. Based on a patent pending technology, MetaDex allows customers to extract metadata quickly and cost effectively from complex multi-vendor environments to provide end-to-end data lineage. It offers ready to use lineage extractors for critical ETL and ELT (SQL based) technologies and serves as a framework for rapid development of custom lineage extractors whenever necessary.

Compact Solutions implements the complete metadata integration lifecycle, from software delivery and installation, through metadata integration, to production deployments and user training.

Most organisations already have some idea of their data lineage and have tools that enable it to be managed but few have a complete picture. The ability to be able to visualise all your data lineage from within your existing toolset means that not only can you trust that you are seeing the whole of your data landscape but that the decisions you make are using timely and accurate figures.

Compact Solutions has extensive expertise in this area and has solutions and services that can not only assist you in proving your figures but can also have a major impact on the data management functions as a whole. Saving you both time and money by identifying where the data in your reports originates and systems where poor quality data exists.

The tools used by organisations to manage and view their data lineage often cannot automatically bring in the metadata from every data source.

By being able to automatically add in elements not supported by your management suite you can now see those elements and also additional ones that are natively supported. This can save significant time in tracking down where poor data originates from and aid in reducing the risks you are exposed to. Automating this process also allows you to quickly bring in new data streams as your data sources change.

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